Operational Banking of Reports and Accomplishments (OBRA)

This Content Management System (CMS) is a Yii-powered application that manages the content of key sections of the mobile app.
You can create, read, update and delete contents within the android app which is assigned to your division or sections.

Please use the cms with caution to avoid deletion of data on the app.

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**This CMS is previously known as Electronic Accomplishment Reporting System (eARS) and its is undergoing system enhancements and will be known as Welcome to the
Operatioal Banking of Report and Accomplishments (OBRA)

This will include the:

  • DEDP, AIO, APP, PPMP, WFP, PMIS, DMEA (Dmea Alert System integration) and All.
  • All KRA Personnel
  • All Work Week Plan
  • All Financial Matters
  • All aspect of Access, Quality and Efficiency PIS
  • All Accomplishment Reports
  • All Digitized Materials

For Inquiries:
Send an email to deped.roxascity@deped.gov.ph